Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA,, an independent international              organization founded in 2009 to promote the special safety and quality needs in treatment and                                 care of medical  tourists, publishes the Top 10 World's Best Hospitals For Medical Tourist and                               Best Practices in Medical Tourism. 

For the first time since the list has been published, no country is represented by more than one                           hospital. After reviewing top hospitals around the world, Prince Court Medical Center             ( in Kuala Lumpur was again selected as the hospital that best                                 provides medical tourists with outstanding care.

 The Top 10 World's Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists for 2014 :

tourism map hospital or medical centre symbol

Photo credit: Wikipedia

1. Prince Court Medical Center, Malaysia
2. Asklepios Klinik Barmbek, Germany
3. Fortis Hospital Bangalore, India
4. Anadolu Medical Center, Turkey
5. Wooridul Spine Hospital, Korea
6. Shouldice Hospital, Canada
7. Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore
8. Clemenceau Medical Center, Lebanon
9. Bumrungrad International, Thailand
10. Mediclinic Morningside, South Africa

Medical tourism certification from MTQUA is the only global certification program for hospitals, clinics, agencies, recovery resorts and related services and providers. 

For more information, you can visit the MTQUA website.

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Inside Queen Alia International Airport.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Airports Council International (ACI) can help you finding out, as it has announced its 2014 Airport Service Quality Awards.

To obtain its results, ACI (a non-profit organization based in Montreal with 591 members operating 1,861 airports in 177 countries) surveys passengers in global airports for their views on 34 key service indicators.

These include airport access, check-in, security, airport facilities, food and beverage and retail.

English: Don Mueang Airport domestic terminal,...

Photo credit: Wikipedia

The responses are used to determine the top worldwide performing airports.

The awards are presented in four categories:

Best airport by region

Best airport by size

Best small airport

Best improvement by region


Best airport by region

Africa: SSR International AirportMauritius

Asia-Pacific: Incheon International Airport, Seoul, South Korea

Europe: Keflavik International Airport, Iceland

Latin America-Caribbean: Jose Joaquin de Olmedo International Airport,Guayaquil, Ecuador

Middle East: Queen Alia International Airport, Amman, Jordan

North America: Indianapolis International Airport, Indiana, United States


Best airport by size

2-5 million passengers per year: Jose Joaquin de Olmedo International Airport, Guayaquil, Ecuador

5-15 million passengers per year: Haikou Meilan International Airport, Hainan,China

15-25 million passengers per year: Gimpo International Airport, Seoul, South Korea

25-40 million passengers per year: Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, India

Over 40 million passengers per year: Incheon International Airport, Seoul, South Korea


Best small airport by region

Africa: Upington Airport, South Africa

Asia-Pacific: Langkawi International Airport, Malaysia

Europe: Murcia-San Javier Airport, Spain

Latin America-Caribbean: Culiacan International Airport, Sinaloa, Mexico

North America: Victoria International Airport, British Columbia, Canada


Best improvement by region

Africa: SSR International AirportMauritius

Asia-Pacific: Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata, India

Europe: Pulkovo International Airport, St. Petersburg, Russia

Latin America-Caribbean: Las Americas International Airport, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Middle East: Queen Alia International Airport, Amman, Jordan

North America: San Antonio International Airport, Texas, U.S.


For the full list of winners, you can visit the ACI website

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Are you considering living abroad? As tempted as you may be ( new people, new culture and new experiences), money could become an issue.

MoveHub can help you with a very useful infographic that highlights the cost of living in countries around the world. 

Check out their very interesting map!


1. Consider 'hidden city' ticketing for serious savings

This is the idea of buying a cheaper airline ticket for a flight to anywhere that has a layover at your actual destination.

It's clearly a controversial travel trick, however. When a New York City man developed a website,, last year, which helped travellers find cheaper flights through this style of ticketing, both United Airlines and Orbitz filed a civil lawsuit. 

It's also important to note that this strategy only works if you book a one-way flight, have no checked bags, and happen to be heading to a destination that is not a regional airline hub.

2. Full refunds on flights are possible to redeem

Have you ever booked a flight months in advance, only to have your flight schedule changed just weeks ahead of your trip? 

As it turns out, when an airline does that, most are obligated to re-book customers on new flights without any additional fees - and if they newly proposed travel times aren't acceptable, travellers just may be eligible for a full refund.


3. Compensation owed on delayed bags may be greater than you think

In the United States, the Department of Transportation issued a directive to all airlines stating that in the event of lost checked bags - and also delayed bags - that there cannot be 'arbitrary limits' placed on monetary compensation.

Essentially, this means that while often airlines offer very little in compensation (if any) for delayed bags, or simply hand out a future travel voucher or frequent flyer miles, the maximum liability that you can claimed may actually be as high as $3,300.

However, this particular number does only apply for domestic US travel and the limits on international travel are often less.


4. Flight delays could offer a major payout

It's not just American passengers who benefit from compensation. In the EU, you are entitled to a pay-out if your flight is delayed by more than three hours on arrival - if it was the airline's fault.

On a short flight, the amount payable is €250 (about £200) per person; on a mid-length flight, it's €400pp (around £320); and on a long-haul flight, it's between €300 and €600pp (about £240 to £480), depending on the length of the delay.

And don't feel obligated to accept vouchers, you're entitled to the cash, according to EC Regulation 261/2004. 


5. Fly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays

Recent research from Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) has found that it's best to buy tickets on a Tuesday - and ideally, more than 21 days in advance - to take advantage of the best possible rates.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays tend to be the days when airlines have a greater surplus of seats available - likely because they are the least convenient days when it comes to accommodating work schedules and weekend getaways - and so, offer the cheapest fares.


6. After three hours of Tarmac delays, you can get off the plane

At least in the United States! The Department of Transport mandates that during a lengthy Tarmac delay in the U.S. (arrival or departure), an airline cannot keep passengers on a plane for more than three hours on a domestic flight or four hours on an international flight without allowing you to disembark.

After two-hour delays, airlines also must provide you with food and water, provide regular 30-minute updates. So even if you are just connecting through the US, this applies to you.

In the UK or the EU, however, no equivalent rule exists. According to the Civil Aviation Authority, while there is not a specific length of time that airlines can keep passengers on a parked aircraft during a delay, it is expected that 'all operators abide by the regulations that are in place regarding delayed flights and ensure a suitable level of welfare is maintained.'


7. Save hundreds by 'booking the wrong date'

'EasyJet's Flexifares let you switch the date of your flight by a few weeks, without paying more, Steve Nowottny, consumer and features editor at MoneySavingExpert explains.

'This offers a sneaky way for you to bag peak-time flights for less.

'For example, you can buy cheap flights during in-term time, then swap for your chosen school holiday date.


8. Code-share and always check for cheap seats

There are plenty of ways to ensure the cheapest possible fare on the flight of your dreams.

'Sometimes, two or more airlines sell the same flights and booking via one partner is cheaper,' Nowottny tells MailOnline Travel.

'For example, a United flight from Birmingham to New York can be cheaper via Lufthansa. This can be a good way of flying with well-known airlines for less.'

The MoneySavingExpert editor also recommends checking how many cheap seats are left on a flight if you're thinking of booking, but not quite ready to commit just yet.

'Many airlines let you book seats for up to about nine passengers, so pretend to make the booking for more seats than you need,' he says.

9. Whenever possible, use a credit card for your booking

Although plenty of airlines offer incentive for completing a booking on your debit card, it may be wise to pay via credit card instead.

If that's not possible, using a debit card is still preferable to paying with cash, cheque or bank transfer.  


10. Keep all tickets, receipts and any other documentation 

To make any sort of successful claim, you'll need to have kept all travel receipts, tickets and any other relevant documents.

This information was taken from

Read more about it by clicking on their link: 

Etihad Guest (Etihad Airways' loyalty program), is introducing a new payment feature onto its membership card.

Walletplus, powered by Visa, allows members to load travel money onto their Etihad Guest card and convert it to 11 different foreign currencies to spend whenever they are travelling abroad.


The membership card can be loaded in advance, enabling card holders to better manage their travel budgets by locking in competitive exchange rates in real time before they travel. 

Pre-loading the card also means that members are immediately able to spend in the local currency upon arrival in another country, without having to first exchange or transfer funds at a bank or foreign exchange.

A 26 segment × 3 exposure (78 frames in total)...

SAS starts flying to Hong Kong 

On 10SEP15, SAS starts to fly non-stop between Stockholm and Hong Kong, five times a week. 
Open for sale on/after 29JAN15

Flight number and departure times 

SK963 ARN-HKG 1500-0720 +1 
Operating D1, 4, 5, 6, 7 

SK964 HKG-ARN 0905-1435 
Operating D1, 2, 5, 6, 7 

Nowadays Internet is becoming such an important part of our lives that we feel lost if we cannot access it! Wherever we are, we need access to WIFI. We are indeed spoiled since we can find free WIFI access almost everywhere: shopping centers, cafes, trains, buses, airports...even in entire neighbourhoods! 


A sign in Columbia City, Seattle, Washington i...

A sign in Columbia City, Seattle, Washington indicates that the entire neighborhood is a wifi zone. (Photo credit:Wikipedia)

And the airlines don´t want to be an exception. Would you like to know which airlines offer onboard internet access? Take a look at the list below.


Aer Lingus : Business class - free; 1 hour pass - €10.95/$14.95; 24 hour pass - €19.95/$24.95.
Aeroflot Smartphone: 3MB - $8; 9MB - $22. Laptop or iPad: 9MB - $22; 19MB - $40.
AirAsia : 
RM8 to use roKKi Chats.
Air Berlin 
€4.90 for 30 min/20MB; €8.90 60 min/50MB; €13.90 duration of entire med-haul flight/90MB; €18.90 full flight package (long-haul flights)/120MB data.
Air Canada : Gogo Unlimited $49.95/month (unlimited internet on all Gogo equipped airlines); Gogo All Day Pass $14 (24 hours of internet access on the same airline); 1-Hour Pass $5 (internet access on any single domestic Gogo equipped flight); The Traveler Pass $39.95 (monthly subscription for unlimited internet on one Gogo equipped airline).
Air China Free (but not allowed on smartphones).
Air France
No information available. 
AirTran : 
See Air Canada.

Alaska Airlines : See Air Canada.

All Nippon Airways : 5MB - $6; 10MB - $12; 20MB - $24.
American Airlines : 
Domestic flights : All Day Pass $14 (24 hours of internet access on AA/US Airways); Traveler Pass $39.95 (monthly subscription for unlimited internet on on AA/US Airways flights); International flights: 2 Hour Pass $12, 4 Hour Pass $17, Duration of Flight Pass $19.
ANA 5MB for $6USD; 10MB for $12USD; 20MB for $24USD.
British Airways : 
£8 (~$14USD) for 1 hour, or £15 (~$25USD) for 24 hours.
Cebu Pacific Air 25MB - $5; 50MB - $10.
Delta Air Lines 
Mobile Pass from $1.95; Gogo Unlimited $49.95/month (unlimited internet on all Gogo equipped airlines); Gogo All Day Pass $14 (24 hours of internet access on the same airline); Traveler Pass $39.95 (monthly subscription for unlimited internet on one Gogo equipped airline); Delta Annual Pass $469.95.
Egypt Air 
2 price packages available based on time and usage.
10MB free in all classes on A380 aircraft. 500MB available for purchase starting at USD 1 on select A380 and B777 aircraft that do not offer free WIFI.
Etihad : Free for Etihad's Diamond First Class passengers.. 24-hour pass $24.95; 1-hour pass $13.95. 
EVA Air 
11.95 USD for 1 hour; 16.95 USD for 3 hours; 21.95 USD for 24 hours.
Frontier Airlines - See Air Canada.
Garuda Indonesia : Aboard B777-300ER - Executive Class & Economy Class passengers: $11.95 1 hour unlimited browsing or $21.95 for an unlimited 24-hours. First Class passengers: free. Aboard Airbus 330-200/300 - Executive Class & Economy Class passengers: mobile $2.49/$9.95 (3MB/10MB); laptop $9.95/$21.95 (10MB/25MB). First Class passengers: free.
Gulf Air Unlimited MB $15/BHD 6 per hour ; Unlimited MB $30/BHD 11 for 24 hours.
HongKong Airlines : 
Iberia : 
Smartphones and tablets: 4MB for $4.95 or 22MB for $19.95. iPad: 22MB for $19.95 or 50MB for $39.95.
 : Saga Class passengers and Saga Gold members: Free.
1 hour - $11.96; 24 hours - $21.95.
Simply Surf basic version: Free; Fly-Fi Plus: $9/hour streaming.
HotSpot Pass Sky 1 hour: €9 or 3,000 miles; 4 hours: €14 or 4,500 miles; 24 hours: €17 or 5,500 miles.
Libyan Airlines : 
no information available.
Mango Airlines : 
30MB R 29.00; 60MB R 49.00. 
Nok Air 
Oman Air 
On smartphone $5-15; Laptops/in-flight entertainment screen $15-40.
Philippine Airlines 
Qatar Airways 
: Prices depends on passenger's network provider's international roaming charges.
SAS Go passengers: €8 (within Nordic countries) €12 within Europe. SAS Plus & EuroBonus members: Free.
Saudia :  
Prices depends on the passenger's network provider's international roaming charges.
Singapore Airlines : 
Depends on time or MB usage.
Southwest Airlines : 
$8 all day, per device.
Prices depends on the passenger's network provider's international roaming charges.
TAP Portugal : 
4MB €6 or 10MB €12.
THAI Airways : 
THAI Sky Connect Smartphone users: $4.50/146 baht for 3 megabytes or $14.50 for 10 MB; Laptop or tablet users: $14.50 for 10 MB and $28.50 for 20 MB. Business Class passengers: Free 3-month trial.
Transaero :
 Long-haul flights - RUB 800 for the duration of the flight, or RUB 400/hour. Medium-haul flights - RUB 600 for all-flight internet connection, or RUB 300/hour.
Turkish Airlines 
Free for business travelers during an introductory period.
United Unlimited access on United flights $17. Gogo Unlimited $49.95/month (unlimited internet on all Gogo equipped airlines); Gogo All Day Pass $14 (24 hours of internet access on the same airline); 1-Hour Pass $5 (internet access on any single domestic Gogo equipped flight); The Traveler Pass $39.95 (monthly subscription for unlimited internet on one Gogo equipped airline).
US Airways 
All Day Pass $14 (24 hours of internet access on AA/US Airways flights); The Traveler Pass $39.95 (monthly subscription for unlimited internet on on AA/US Airways flights).
Virgin America 
30-minute session $2; Gogo Unlimited $49.95/month (unlimited internet on all Gogo equipped airlines); Gogo All Day Pass $14 (24 hours of internet access on the same airline); 1-Hour Pass $5 (internet access on any single domestic Gogo equipped flight); The Traveler Pass $39.95 (monthly subscription for unlimited internet on one Gogo equipped airline).
WestJet - No Info available.


*Note: WIFI may be offered on selected flights only and prices are simply an orientation as may vary. Please refer to the airline for up to date information*


Are you looking for some ideas for your next holiday destination? TripAvisor can help you making the right choice! :) 

After listening to the travellers´ feedback, the Travel site  revealed its Travellers' Choice Destinations on the Rise Awards.

The Awards features the destinations around the world that have received the greatest increase in positive feedback from TripAdvisor members.

1. First place goes to Da Nang, Vietnam :)  

English: This is the in-gulf beach of Da Nang,...

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

O​ne of the major port cities in Vietnam and the biggest city on the South Central Coast​, Da Nang´s popularity grows as it is becoming a very well considered vacation spot ​if you are looking to explore the attractions of central Vietnam ​​or ​sunbathing ​while hanging out on the city's ​sandy ​beaches.

Following in the list are: 

2. Sihanoukville, Cambodia
Kambodscha/Cambodia, Serendipity Beach bei Sih...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3. Limassol, Cyprus
Limassol, Cyprus

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4. Ao Nang, Thailand
Ao Nang i southern Thailand.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5. Bodrum, Turkey
View on mosque, breakwater, marina and part of...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

6. Naha, Japan
English: Shureimon of Shuri Castle in Naha, Ok...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

7. Hurghada, Egypt
Al-Mahmeya is a National Protected park on the...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

8. Kazan, Russia
Kazan, Russia Kremlin

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

9. Manaus, Brazil
Português: Centro de Manaus,Amazonas.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

10. Eilat, Israel
Eilat seaside resort on the Red Sea

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You can find more info at this link for TripAdvisor site.


The future of air travel ?flying-doughnut.jpg

Airbus Industries have patented a new design of a passenger aircraft . Is this the future, maybe! 
Airbus says its only one of 6000 ideas their people but apparently worth patenting it. It's an interesting approach we think but allot of challenges lay ahead.

Surprising things travel insurance won't cover

• Sailing -- except as a fare paying passenger in a scheduled, commercially operated power-driven watercraft

English: Ducati ST3 Photo by Don Williams, Sen...

English: Ducati ST3 Photo by Don Williams, Senior Editor, Robb Report MotorCycling. Rider: Kelly Callan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

• Professional sport or training in another country

• Off-piste skiing, or competitive snow and ice sports

• Running with the bulls 

• Motorcycling

• Loss caused by asbestos

• Loss/damage to sporting equipment while in use

• Football of any kind

• Injuries sustained while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

This information was taken from .

Read more about this by clicking on their link.