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Better Travel Deals

Some people wait to plan for the last minute travel. Procrastinating in planning your travel does not work to your advantage. When planning a trip overseas, it pays off to be prepared because you are going into unfamiliar territory and there is so much you need to research unless you have been to that place […]

Cheap Travel

With airline fares threatening to rise, plus with the cost of going on vacation being in danger of increasing, hard working families can find it increasingly difficult to find affordable solutions. Cheap travel is essential to that much needed break, enabling you to get away from it all without having to worry about the cost. […]

Be Insured On Your Travels

Planning a trip abroad? Things can go wrong when you go on holiday. You could have an accident or get sick. Your luggage and money could be lost or stolen. Your trip could be cut short by injury or illness or it may even be necessary for your family to fly out to be with […]

Group Travel

Know more about Group Travel? Though the airlines and hotels have different definitions of what makes a group, in general group travel is when friends, family, coworkers, classmates, and teams travel together. Group travel crosses the spectrum from student groups, school bands, friends getaways, to large offsite corporate meetings and annual church conventions. Travel Industry […]

Let’s Make Your Vacation Travel Easy

As you probably know, the Internet is a highly valuable research tool. However, many travelers do not consider using the Internet to book their next vacation, and thus often miss out on timesaving not to mention truly great bargains. In this article we’ll take a look at how the Internet can help you to plan […]

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A Guide For Stress-Free Thanksgiving Traveling

This Thanksgiving, don’t let the hassles of holiday travel drive you crazy. If you’re flying, minimize your risk of getting stuck in an airport by flying direct, even if it costs a little more. People planning on driving should check if Amtrak goes to their destination; trains don’t have to deal with heavy holiday traffic.

Sometimes a Temporary Home Should Stay Temporary

It’s easy to daydream about moving to your favorite travel destinations, but actually moving is another thing altogether. Everyday life in a charming rural village or picturesque old-world town has its share of annoyances just like life anywhere else.

Getting Inspired To Explore the World

Which place in the world made you get hooked on travel? For Nomadic Matt, that place was Thailand. Now, as the expert and seasoned traveler he has become, he is recreating the fateful backpacking trip that convinced him that he would live his life as a professional traveler.


Gifts to Buy for Full-Time Travelers

The Talking Suitcase has a holiday gift guide for the people in your life who never seem to stop going on globetrotting adventures. The full time travelers in your life can show off the places they’ve been with a push pin or scratch off map, or write down the details of their journeys in a […]

Bar Hopping in Bangkok

The Ratchasprong District in the center of Bangkok is one of the most luxurious and exclusive neighborhoods in Thailand’s capital. Tim Kroeger of Universal Traveller has a guide that lists the best nighttime hot spots in the area. The best place to start is Bar@494 in the Grand Hyatt, which has a relaxed atmosphere and […]

This Gas Station Has a Secret

Ohio may not be known as a big travel destination, but it has its share of fun quirks and secrets that adventurers can discover. Atlas Obscura has a piece about the unassuming BP gas station in Delaware, Ohio that sits on the birth site of Rutherford B. Hayes, America’s 19th president. Ohio is filled with […]

Scotch Rules the Duty-Free Market

For a lot of travelers, no international journey is complete without a stop to the duty-free store to get some cheap liquor or perfume. IWSR, a wine and spirits research company, has released data about consumers’ buying habits in duty-free shops that shows the world is crazy about whisky. Scotch whisky, in particular, was the […]

Can You Bring Cheese Over the Border?

Many places frequented by U.S. travelers are famous for their delicious array of artisanal cheeses, but it can be hard to figure out whether you can bring your international finds back into America. Johnny Jet has a guide for which cheeses U.S. travelers can bring home from abroad. The gist of the regulations is that […]